Lash Lamination Course

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Lash Lamination Course


Lash Lamination Course


Course Outline:

Lash Lamination is a cosmetic treatment that involves lifting and straightening the natural eyelashes. Newer and safer technology allows for flawless application and results, giving a dramatic look for a fraction of the time that traditional eyelash treatments would. Course includes your own Dlux Pro Lash lamination Kit Valued at $179.95!

What you will Learn:

Product Knowledge

Health and Safety and Contraindications

Correct Lash lift procedure

Lash Tinting 

After care treatment

Business Advice & marketing

Duration: 4 Hours

Prerequisite: No Previous Experience Required

Cost: 595.00

Please Note: You will be required to arrange a model on the day.


This course includes a kit to the value of $200.00 A certificate will be issued upon Completion 

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