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The "Dlux Professional" name comes from a combination of the words “dear” and “luxury” and those 2 worlds embody exactly what our brand is all about. We consider our customers extremely precious to us, and always strive to keep them happy and satisfied by providing the best quality at an ideal price. And with 20 years of experience manufacturing eyelash-enhancing products, you trust us to deliver everything you need for gorgeous, sophisticated synthetic lashes.” – Joon Yong Bae, CEO of JL International  

Dlux Professional is the pioneering company that has developed and innovated eyelash extension products worldwide for the past 20 years. 

  • 1993, Dlux manufactured lashes that were sold in retail stores for professional women wanting to enhance their beauty with longer eyelashes.
  • In the year of 2001, Dlux developed the art of manufacturing loose, bulk type eyelash extensions, always innovating and excelling in product development.
  • Dlux Professional was the first company to develop and manufacture tray lashes revolutionizing the industry in 2003.
  • Dlux introduced the first “tapered” lashes to hit the market in 2007.

Having patented products in 50 countries, sales in 55 countries, and distribution around the world, Dlux Professional, an ISO designated company, looks forward to providing its customers with superior quality products and satisfaction.

Dlux Pro Volume Silk Lash (Mixed Tray)
Dlux Pro Volume Silk Lash (Single Tray)
Dlux Pro Premium Single Tray
Dlux Pro Volume Mixed Tray
Dlux Pro Anti allergy gel
 Dlux Pro Ultra Bonder
Dlux Pro 3-1 Magnetic tweezer kit (pink)
Dlux Pro Lash Primer
Dlux Pro Flawless Ultra P+ Glue
Dlux Pro purity A Ultra Adhesive
Dlux Pro Extreme Pro S  Adhesive
Dlux Pro Speed Curing solution