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  • YN Synergy Gel Trial Kit

    YN Synergy Gel Trial Kit

    Includes: 7.5g Base, Flex, Build, Snow Finish Sealer 15ml of Protein Bond

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  • YN Synergy Pink gels

    YN Synergy Pink gels

    Absolutely Pink Gel Absolutely Pink Gel is the brightest pink available in our sculpting gel. Concealer Gel Pink Our sculpting gel in a neutralshade of pink to match cool skin tones. Concealer Gel Peach Our sculpting gel in a neutral shade of peach to...

  • YN Synergy Gel

    YN Synergy Gel

    Technically advanced and easy to use, our Synergy Gel System is the only choice of professional nail techs around the world. The molecular process enables Chain Entanglement Technology to deliver superior adhesion and strength with virtually no heat...