Black Magic Argan Tan 10%

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Black Magic Argan Tan 10%


Black Magic's Argan Tan is an Argan Oil infused all natural spray tan solution designed for all skin types.

With a spray tan we know it's all about the colour, Argan Tan by Black Magic will offer incredible colour with all the added benefits of the added Argan Oil and other key ingredients. 


About Argan Tan by Black Magic

10% Natural DHA - Will offer a Natural Looking Tan if showered off in 2 hours. 

2 Hour Rapid Spray Tan -

Chocolate Base - Offering a Natural Brazillian looking tan

Enriched with Argan Oil and Wattleseed Extract to help Nourish the skin and ensure a longer lasting spray tan experience.

Chocolate Based Bronzer offering a colour that is deep and dark whislt remaining natural looking.

Advanced Development Technology - Spray Tan develops 2-3 times faster than our original Black Magic Tans

Fast Drying Formulation 

Light Weight - Sprays easily through any HVLP or Air Brush gun. 

Alchohol Free 

Fragrance Free, no smell no odors, no Perfumes






Spray tan in an up and down motion

completing each part of the body until an

even coat of spray tan is visible from the

instant bronzer, ensure that Argan Tan

has been applied evenly


Once spray tan is completed inform your

client on how long they need to wait to shower

also advise your client that once they shower

the bronzer will be washed off and they will

be left pale until the tan develops.


Development time is from 2-8 hours. Never

re apply the spray tan within this time.

Should you wish to do a recoat we suggest applying

the next day, always lightly exfoliate before applying again.


Store solution in a cool dark place

under 20 Degrees. We recommend using this

product within 6 months of opening. 

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