2 Day Russian Manicure & BIAB Combo Class

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2 Day Russian Manicure & BIAB Combo Class



 Welcome to the exciting world of Builder In A Bottle (BIAB) training! BIAB is a revolutionary nail enhancement technique that combines the strength of acrylics with the flexibility of gel to create beautiful, long-lasting, and natural-looking nails.

As a student, you'll learn the art and science behind BIAB and how to master this sought-after nail service. Here's what you can expect from our comprehensive BIAB training:

  1. Introduction to BIAB: You'll start by understanding the concept of BIAB and its advantages over traditional nail enhancement methods. Learn about the unique properties of BIAB, including its durability, flexibility, and ability to enhance the natural nail.

  2. Nail Anatomy and Health: A strong foundation is crucial for any nail technician. You'll gain insights into nail anatomy and the importance of maintaining nail health during BIAB application.

  3. Sanitation and Safety: We prioritize hygiene and safety in our training. You'll learn the best practices for maintaining a clean and safe workspace to protect both you and your clients.

  4. BIAB Product Knowledge: Become familiar with the different components of BIAB systems, including base coats, builder gels, and topcoats. Understand the characteristics and applications of various BIAB products.

  5. BIAB Application Techniques: Hands-on practice is at the heart of our training. You'll learn the proper BIAB application techniques, including gel application, shaping, and sculpting, to create flawless nail enhancements.

  6. Curing Methods: Master the art of proper curing using UV or LED lamps to ensure the BIAB gel sets and adheres correctly, resulting in strong and durable nails.

  7. Troubleshooting and Corrections: Mistakes can happen, and you'll learn how to identify and correct common issues that may arise during BIAB application, ensuring client satisfaction.

  8. Refills and Maintenance: Learn about BIAB maintenance, including infill procedures and proper removal techniques, to maintain the health and beauty of the natural nails.

  9. Nail Art and Design (Optional): For those looking to add extra flair to their BIAB skills, we offer optional nail art and design lessons using BIAB as your canvas.

  10. Client Consultation and Aftercare: Client satisfaction is key, and you'll learn how to conduct consultations, understand your clients' preferences, and provide aftercare advice to ensure long-lasting and beautiful results.

  11. Practice and Feedback: We believe in learning by doing. You'll have ample opportunities for hands-on practice, and our experienced instructors will provide valuable feedback to help you refine your technique.

  12. Business and Professionalism: For aspiring professionals, we offer insights into running a successful nail business, pricing your services, and delivering exceptional customer service.

Upon completion of our BIAB training, you'll receive a certification that validates your expertise and prepares you for a rewarding career as a skilled and sought-after nail technician. Embrace the artistry and innovation of BIAB, and let us guide you on this exciting journey towards becoming a confident and talented nail artist!




Duration: 4.5 Hours

Prerequisite: No Previous Experience Required

Cost: $695.00

This Course includes a kit to the value of over $200

Kit Contents:


1x Nail Code Ph Balance 15ml
1 x Nail code superbond primer 15ml 
2 x Protein Gel 15ml
1 x Bullet proof Top Coat 15ml
1 x NC Clarity (Base) 15ml
1 x NC Xtend Protien Gel 15ml\
1x Cuticle Prep Bit
1 x Flame Bit 
1 x Ball Bit 
1x Typhoon Bit 
1 x Cuticle Pusher
1 x Russian Manicure Curved cuticle Scissors
2 x Nail code file 180 
1 x Nail Code File 150 
1 x Nail Code Buffer 

Please Note: You will be required to arrange a model on the day.



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